Kioti – KB2485

Fits KIOTI DK10 Series (DK4510/5010/5510), NX4510, NX5010, NX5510, NX6010, RX6620 tractors.

Sub frame mounted.

Self-contained hydraulics (not available for all applications).

Factory assembled.

Responsive two-lever hydraulic control with exceptional feathering characteristics.

Anti-drop load-checks.

Standard buckets: 12″, 16″, 18″, 24″ and 36″ wide ditch and grave buckets.

All buckets have replaceable teeth.

Extra heavy-duty buckets.

Entire backhoe except for sub frame is quick-detached from tractor.

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Bucket Digging Force: 3,748 lbs
Shipping Weight (Less Bucket): 1,102 lbs
Stabilizer Spread (Up Position): 46.4″
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position): 68.7″
Transport Overhang: 50.4″
Transport Height (Maximum): 92.9″
Loading Height (Bucket at 60 degrees): 80.3″
Reach (From center of Swing Pivot): 136.1″
Digging Depth: 94.4″
Operating Pressure: 2,466 psi
Bucket Rotation: 180°
Swing Arc: 180°
Dipper stick Digging Force: 2,205 lbs