Kioti – CS2210


Distinctive Hood Design
The streamlined hood design improves the visibility for the operator. A vertical opening hood allows for easy access to the air filter, fluid service and inspection locations fuse box and electrical components.

Illuminated Dashboard
The dashboard illuminates when the engine is started. The digital gauge package includes tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges along with low fuel warning lamp.

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Weight: 1,485 lb (675 kg.f)
Control Type: Position
Lift Capacity: 700 lbs (318 kg)
Standard Category: Category 1
Power Steering Pump Capacity: 6.5 gpm (24.6 lpm)
Total Pump Flow: 6.5 gpm (24.6 lpm)
Turning Radius: 8.2 ft (2,54 m)
Front Tread: 45.3 in (1,150 mm)
Rear Tread: 46.7 in (1,185 mm)
Ground Clearance: 6.4 in (162 mm)
Wheelbase: 55.1 in (1,400 mm)
Height: 88 in (2,226 mm)
Width: 46.7 in (1,185 mm)
Length: 99.3 in (2,523 mm)
Brakes: Wet Multi Disc
Mid PTO Speeds: 2200 rpm
Rear PTO Speeds: 540 rpm
PTO Power: 18.6 hp
PTO Type Trans: Independent
Maximum Speed: 10.31 mph (16.6 km/h)
Minimum Speed: 0 mph
Speeds: Infinite / 2 Range
Transmission Type: HST
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.7 gal (25.5 liters)
Displacement: 69.0 cu in (1131 cc)
Cylinders: 3
Fuel Type: Diesel w/ Pressurized Radiator
Rated Speed: 3000rpm
Engine Gross: 21.1 hp (15.7KW)
Engine Model: S773L-F21

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Additional Features

Twin HST Peadals
Twin HST pedals allow easy and quick forward and reverse with smooth engagement, acceleration, and deceleration. Pedal pressure is minimized which reduces operator fatiue during long hours of use and when doing repetitive tasks.

Premium Diesel Engine
A 21.1 HP optimized combustion diesel engine has large power output yet low fuel consumption. Fluid service and inspection locations are easily accessible to the operator.

Four Wheel Drive
4WD is standard on the CS2210 tractor and a single lever engages the 4WD.

55W lamps are the brightes in this tractor's class.

Foldable ROPS
The Standard fold-down roll bar makes it quick and easy to maneuver in low clearance areas.

Left Hand Lever Controls
The HST with Hi-Lo range lever allows the tractor to overcome a wide range of load tasks. The rear PTO and mid PTO can be controlled separately or together with a simple in-line shifting lever. The leight adjustment lever allows the operator to control the mid-mount mower grass cutting heith easily.

Right Hand Lever Controls
The wet multi-disk clutch has a simple mechanical engaging lever. The 3 point lower link lever easily operates the 3 point hitch by simply pushing or pulling the lever.

Rear PTO and 3-Point Hitch
The rear PTO and high capacity three point hitch can accommodate a veriety of implements and attachments. The fip up PTO guard ensures easy implemt attachment. Thye bent lower link assists with easy implement installation.

The standard mid PTO (2,200 rpm) allows you to use implements such as a mid-mount mower.

Ergonomic Operator Station
The ergonomically designed work station places operator controls within easy reach to enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride. A retractable seat belt and operator presence switch are included for safety.

12V Power Outlet
The standard 12 volt power outlet is available for accessories.