Kioti – CK4020

Diesel engine with Daedong ECO Technology
The new 39.6HP (29.5 KW) ECO friendly diesel engine provides powerful performance and improves fuel efficiency while reducing noise levels.

High Capacity Hydraulic Pump
The high capacity, efficient tandem hydraulic pump gives you smoother handling in heavy duty working conditions and helps to reduce operator fatigue.

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Weight w/ Ag Tires w/ ROPS: 2,679 lbs (1,215 kg)
Weight w/ Ag Tires w/ Cab: N/A
Control Type: Position
Lift Capacity, 24″ aft of hitch, lb(kg): 1,631 lbs (740 kg)
3-Point Hitch Standard Category (Optional Category): Cat. 1
Power Steering Pump Capacity: N/A
Main Pump Capacity: N/A
Total Pump Flow: 11.7 gpm (44.4 lpm)
Turning Radius w/o Brake: N/A
Turning Radius w/ Brake: 8.0 ft (2.4 m)
Rear Tread Ag Tires – Max: N/A
Front Tread Ag Tires – Max: N/A
Rear Tread Ag Tires – Min: 51.3 in. (1,302 mm)
Front Tread Ag Tires – Min: 44.6 in (1,132 mm)
Ground Clearance: 13.4 in. (340 mm)
Wheelbase: 65.7 in. (1,670 mm)
Height from Top of ROPS Folded: N/A
From Top of the Highest Point: N/A
Height from Top of Cab: N/A
Height from Top of ROPS: 99.2 in. (2,520 mm)
Width: 55.1 in. (1,400 mm)
Length w/ 3-point hitch: 120.9 in. (3,070 mm)
Clutch: Dry Dual Stage
Brakes: Wet Multi Disc
Front PTO Speeds: N/A
Mid PTO Speeds: 2,000 rpm (optional)
Rear PTO Speeds(2nd): N/A
Rear PTO Speeds(1st): 540 rpm
PTO Power: 34.9 HP (26 kw)
PTO Type Trans: Live
Max. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag1 @ Engine rated speed: 23.56 mph (14.64 kph)
Min. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag1 @ Engine rated speed: 1.52 mph (0.94 kph)
No. of Travel Speed Forward / Reverse: 9F/3R
Main Gear: Manual
Shuttle: N/A
Transmission Type: Manual
Pre-heating System: N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.0 us gal (34 l)
Displacement: 111.4 cu. (1,826 cc)
Aspiration: Natural
Fuel Type: Diesel
No. of Cylinder: 3
Rated Speed: 2600
Engine Gross Power: 39.6 HP (29.5 KW)
Engine Model: 3F-TM4-U

Additional information

Additional Features

Power Steering
Responsive, powerful and comfortable steering reduces operator fatigue. The power steering system is robustly designed for maneuvering in soft soil and for front loader operation.

Deluxe Seat
A fully adjustable suspension seat allows the operator to ride in comfort no matter what the job. A retractable seat belt is standard on all KIOTI tractors to ensure operator safety.

Rear PTO
Rear PTO is standard and mid PTO is optional. You can select the rear or mid PTO separately or simultaneously.

Single Lever Joy Stick
The operation of the front-end loader is made easier by the use of a single lever joystick. The joystick allows you to perform all loader functions with a single lever. The lever automatically returns to neutral and the loader stops in place when the joystick is released. A float position allows the bucket free flotation over the ground surface.

Fold-able ROPS
A fold-down roll bar allows you to move into tight areas quickly and easily.

Simple Maintenance
KIOTI Tractors are designed for easy maintenance. Lift-able hoods and removable side panels allow convenient access for daily service checks. Maintaining your tractor for long life and high performance has never been easier.

Center Marker
The center marker on the hood assists with maintaining straight rows.

High Ground Clearance
The maximum ground clearance of 13.4 in. makes usage on rocky or uneven terrain simpler.

Illuminated Dashboard
The illuminated dashboard ensures great visibility while working in bright daylight or at night. The operator can check important instrumentation at a glance with an easy-to-see tachometer, hour meter, fuel temperature gauge, and battery charge lamp.

3-Point Control Lever
The 3-point control lever allows you to easily raise and lower the lift arms when attaching implements.

9×3 Manual Transmission
Manual transmission models feature 9F/3R speeds with synchronized 2nd and reverse gears making repetitive back and forward operation more efficient.