Electric Lithium-ion Models


  • AMP 2WD Electric UTV

    Introducing our new series of Lithium-ion powered UTVs, the Amp, by Landmaster. The Amp 2WD electric UTV delivers more torque, higher towing and hauling capacities, an ultra-quiet motor, and the extremely plush and capable L.R.O.S.S ride experience you expect from Landmaster. This model is our entry-level low price Lithium model geared for basic property maintenance, grounds crews, universities, lake communities, and other similar applications.
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  • AMP 4WD Electric UTV

    Introducing the 4WD, Lithium-Powerd UTV called the Landmaster AMP! If you're looking for the ultimate hunting vehicle, you found it - Hardworking, ultra-quiet, and smooth-riding, perfect for hunting, back wood trail riding, hauling, towing, or just for fun. Come prepared this hunting season to sneak up on your game unnoticed. Get in and out of the woods easily with a locking rear differential and 4WD engagement with the flick of a switch. With up to 50 miles of range, the AMP 4x4 is a quiet, stealth-crawling vehicle that can get you in and out of the woods without worrying about running out of power. Tackle all your big jobs with capacities of hauling up to 600 lbs and towing up to 1,500 lbs. And at the end of the day, plug your vehicle in, and you'll be fully charged the next morning to do it all over again.
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  • AMP CREW 2WD Electric UTV

    Bring something bold and different home this year. The new Lithium-Ion powered AMP Crew 2WD is the perfect, maintenance-free side-by-side to help tackle chores, enjoy times with friends, transport material around your property, or enjoy a quiet ride around your community. Thanks to our unique L-ROSS (Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspensions System), you'll barely notice the rumble strips, railroad ties, or large rocks you plowed over. Your life will be much easier knowing you can tackle heavy jobs, loaded trails, tight corners, and muddy trails. Even in the most uncertain environments, you'll have added comfort due to our unique coil-over shock setup and the supersport trailing arm.
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  • AMP CREW 4WD Electric UTV

    Welcome to the new lithium-ion powered UTV, Landmaster's 2024 AMP Crew 4WD. The AMP Crew 4WD claims the territory of higher torque, towing, and hauling capabilities. It is also equipped and ready to achieve with the L-ROSS ride experience. The AMP Crew is the ideal UTV for hauling passengers, hunters, large manufacturing facilities, municipalities, or just a fun vehicle to haul around friends. Customize the AMP Crew the way you want and fit your lifestyle.
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  • AMP PRO Electric UTV

    Introducing the all-new Electric AMP PRO 4WD created by Landmaster. The AMP PRO is a great model for users to be able to haul large loads such as stone, logs, mulch, equipment and more. This is a great vehicle for grounds keepers, landscapers, golf courses, and farmers.
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