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Kioti Financing

KIOTI FREE LOADER PROGRAM - Buy Any New Kioti CK Series Tractor (Except CK2510 Model), DKSE Models, DK55, DK90, All DK-10 Models, PX9020, All NX Models, and All RX Model Tractor And Receive a FREE LOADER (Standard Finance Rate of 5.85% Does Apply)  


Low Rate Financing:
      0% for up to 60 Months Available on All Kioti Products (Except Mechron) 
      0% for up to 36 Months on All Kioti Mechron UTVs 


Rebates on ALL Models Up To $6,800.00 In-lieu of Low Rate Financing (Standard Rate is 5.85% APR) - Ask for Details!

$300 - Kioti Finish Mowers Mid-Mount, 60" & 72")
$500 - Kioti 84" Finish Mower 
$400 - Field Kab for CK20/27/30/35, CK-10 Series, DK-10 Series & Mechron 2200 (if purchased without tractor or UTV)
$600 - Meckron 2200 Field Kab (if purchased without UTV)
$800 - Field Kab for CK20/27/30/35, CK-10 Series, DK-10 Series (if purchased with Tractor)

(Available Through 3/31/16)

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Kioti - CK35

The CK Series line of distinctively designed compact utility tractors is available in Hydrostatic or manual transmission. Loaded with features and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement by providing more space.

Distinctive Hood and Fender Design
The newly designed hood and fender add distinctive lines to the CK Series tractors.

Environmentally Friendly Engine
The optimized combustion diesel engine is environmentally friendly and meets or exceeds EPA, CARB, and EEC regulations. It supplies a large output, offers low fuel consumption, excellent balance system, greater durability, and creates less noise and low vibration.

High Capacity Hydraulic Pump
The high capacity, efficient tandem hydraulic pump gives you smoother handling in heavy duty working conditions and helps to reduce the fatigue of the user.

Power Steering
Responsive, powerful and comfortable steering reduces operator fatigue. The power steering system is robustly designed for maneuvering in soft soil and for front loader operation.

Deluxe Seat
A fully adjustable, suspension seat allows the operator to ride in comfort no matter what the job may be. A retractable seatbelt is standard on all KIOTI tractors to ensure operator safety.

Rear PTO
Rear PTO is standard on the CK35. A mid PTO is optional. You can select the rear or mid PTO separately or simultaneously. This allows the use of various implements, including a mid-mount mower.

Four Wheel Drive with Differential Lock
The 4WD guarantees powerful traction, performance and durability. A rear wheel differential lock pedal can be applied to increase traction by locking the rear differential.

MMLS Valve
The MLS value allows the user to control the speed of the 3-point lift arms, thus decreasing the impact and increasing the operational efficiency.

Single Lever Joy Stick
The operation of the front-end loader is made easier by the use of a single lever joystick. The joystick allows you to perform all loader functions with a single lever. The lever automatically returns to neutral and the loader stops in place when the joystick is released. A float position allows the bucket free floatation over the ground surface.

Foldable ROPS
A fold-down roll bar makes it quick and easy to move in tight areas.

3 Point Hitch
With an adjustable right side lift rod and top link, you can easily attach implements.

Heavy Duty Front Axle
The heavy duty front axle performs well in tough working conditions.

Simple Maintenance
KIOTI Tractors are designed for easy maintenance. Liftable hoods and removable side panels allow easy access for daily service checks. KIOTI makes it easy to maintain your tractor for long life and high performance.

Air Filter
The easily accessible air filter cartridge protects the engine from the harmful particles and prolongs the life of the engine.

Instrument Panel
The operator can check at a glance all important instrumentation with the tachometer, hour meter, fuel temperature gauge, and battery charge lamp easily visible.

Suspended Clutch and Brake Pedals
The flat deck design on the CK series tractors with the suspended brake and clutch pedals provide for easy operator access.

Parking Brake and Cruise Control
Conveniently located parking brake (red lever) and cruise control (yellow lever) levers are in easy reach of the operator. Cruise control is only available on the CK35 HST model.

Engine Throttle
The operator can control engine throttle with either the conveniently located hand lever or the foot accelerator pedal. The foot accelerator pedal is only available on the CK35 gear tractor.

Range Selector
The CK35 offers a high and low range setting for the transmission which is easily reached by the operator.

Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is conveniently located for ease of maintenance.

Position Control Lever
KIOTI's position control lever provides for the smooth operation of the 3-point hitch. It is designed to allow for an infinite number of position heights and comes with a convenient stop for applications that require a fixed lift point.

Flip-up PTO Cover
The PTO safety shield helps protect the operator from PTO driven implements.

Multiple Position Stabilizer
The multiple position stabilizer adjusts lift arms to a wide range of attachments and allows for easy adjustments based on the job at hand.

Wet Disc Brakes
Wet disc brakes offer quick and smooth braking operation and extended disc life.

Tilt Steering
The steering wheel adjusts for operator comfort.

Telescopic Lower Link
The telescopic lower links allow the user to attach and detach implements easily.

Fuel Tank
The fuel tank is located behind the operator station and is convenient for refueling.

Main Shift Lever
The main shift lever is conveniently located on the CK20s gear tractor for proper gear selection.

Standard Equipment
Foldable ROPS
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Rear Differential Lock
Front & Rear PTO
Single Lever Joystick control
Safety Lights
Wet Disc Brakes
3pt Hitch Speed Adjuster
Safety Start Switch
Seat belt
Suspension seat with reclining backrest
Bevel Gear Front axle
Tilt Steering
Telescopic 3 Point Hitch Ends
Telescopic Stabilizer
Removable Draw Bar
Crank Adjustable Lift Rod
Cup Holder
Flip-up PTO Guard
Dry Dual Clutch
Crank Adjustable Lift link
Foot Throttles (mechanical)

Optional Equipment
Single & Dual Remote Hyd. Valve
Front Weights
Rear Working Light
Rear PTO 1000 rpm
Rear Working Light (Ag tires only

Second Remote Hydraulic Valve
Rear PTO 1000 rpm
Rear Weights (Ag Tires only)

Instrument Panel
Digital hour meter
Coolant temperature gauge
Electrical tachometer
Fuel gauge
Engine oil pressure light
High beam, emergency flasher, direction indicators
Glow plug light
Alternator light
Parking brake indicator
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Engine Model:
Engine Gross Power:
34 HP (25.4 KW)
Rated Speed:
2,600 rpm
No. of Cylinder:
Fuel Type:
100.5 cu.in. (1,647 cc)
Fuel Tank Capacity:
7.9 gal (30 L)
Pre-heating System:
Glow Plugs
Transmission Type:
Main Gear:
No. of Travel Speed Forward / Reverse:
Min. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag1 @ Engine rated speed:
0.98 mph (1.57 kph)
Max. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag1 @ Engine rated speed:
14.91 mph (24.0 kph)
PTO Type Trans:
PTO Power:
27.6 HP (20.6 KW)
Rear PTO Speeds(1st):
540 rpm
Rear PTO Speeds(2nd):
1,000 rpm (Optional)
Mid PTO Speeds:
2,000 rpm (Optional)
Wet Disc
Dry Dual
Length w/ 3-point hitch:
122.2 in. (3,103 mm)
54.6 in. (1,387 mm)
Height from Top of ROPS:
96.8 in. (2,460 mm)
From Top of the Highest Point:
96.8 in. (2,460 mm)
66.1 in. (1,680 mm)
Ground Clearance:
13.82 in (351 mm)
Front Tread Ag Tires - Min:
43.5 in. (1,105 mm)
Rear Tread Ag Tires - Min:
38.2 in. (970 mm)
Rear Tread Ag Tires - Max:
51.3 in. (1,302 mm)
Turning Radius w/ Brake:
9.5 ft (2.9 m)
Total Pump Flow:
12.7 gpm (48.3 Lpm)
3-Point Hitch Standard Category (Optional Category):
Cat. I (N/A)
Lift Capacity, 24" aft of hitch, lb(kg):
1,764 lbs. (800kg)
Control Type:
Position Control
Weight w/ Ag Tires w/ ROPS:
3,151 lbs. (1,430kg)
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